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Reveton ransomware now comes with password stealers (20 August 2014)
The Reveton screen-locking ransomware is still with us, and it's evolving. According to Avast researchers, the latest generation of the malware also includes information stealing capabilities. One...
Crooks trying out new tactics to spread fake AV (20 August 2014)
Infection numbers of well-established fake AV families have reached the lowest level in years, and Microsoft researchers believe the drop is the result of the antimalware industry's...
Machete cyber espionage campaign targeting Latin America (20 August 2014)
Kaspersky Lab discovered a new cyber-espionage campaign code-named Machete. This campaign has been targeting high profile victims, including government, military, law enforcement agencies...
New ransomware emulates CryptoLocker, CryptoWall (19 August 2014)
Ransomware has proven to be such a successful money-making model, that a new variant is discovered or a new delivery campaign is spotted nearly every day. Security experts from iSIGHT...
Android ransomware masquerades as Symantec mobile AV (18 August 2014)
A new piece of Android ransomware is doing rounds, and is tricking users into installing it by posing as a legitimate AV app. The malware sports a logo similar to that of Symantec's...
New Gameover Zeus variant steadily rebuilds downed botnet (15 August 2014)
It's already widely known that the Gameover Zeus gang, whose activity has been temporarily foiled by a successful multi-national law enforcement takedown in June, is trying to regain...
ZeroLocker ransomware "helps" you get your files back (15 August 2014)
In early June, the FBI has lead a rather successful multi-national effort to disrupt the GameOver Zeus botnet which was also responsible for delivering Cryptolocker. Unfortunately, that...
Beware of fake "Gmail suspicious login" warnings (15 August 2014)
Malicious emails impersonating Gmail Account Services have been spotted hitting inboxes around the world, falsely claiming that the users' Gmail account has been logged into from an...
SynoLocker gang planning to move on? (14 August 2014)
The crooks behind SynoLocker have made some changes to the website sporting the payment instructions. They are trying to spur more victims to pay up by saying that the website will be...
Fake Tor Project website delivers malware instead of anonymity (14 August 2014)
A computer science student has discovered an almost perfect copy of The Tor Project's website, offering malware for download instead of the Tor Browser Bundle and collecting donations...

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