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  • Infosec pros have little confidence in UK's cybersecurity readiness


    Tenable Network Security asked information security practitioners from the UK about confidence in their respective organizations' abilities to assess risk, invest in appropriate tools and successfully respond to cyber threats, scoring 73% overall—an underachieving "C." Mobile device security is the Achilles heel in the UK: the country’s security professionals gave a failing grade to their ability to assess cyber risks related to mobile devices (rated “F” in UK, and “D” globally).

  • How Europol analyzes malware


    In the wake of the takedown of a major cybercriminal group wielding banking Trojans in Ukraine in June this year, Europol noted that it "provided crucial support to the investigation since 2013 including handling and analysis of terabytes of data, and thousands of files in the Europol Malware Analysis System; handling of thousands sensitive operational messages; production of intelligence analysis reports; forensic examination of devices; organization of operational meetings and bi-monthly international conference calls." So, what is the Europol Malware Analysis System? How does it work? Europol shared very few details, and simply explained that it "is a dynamic, automated malware analysis solution, which executes the sample submitted by European Union's Member States in a tightly controlled sandbox environment." "It is used to simulate a host computer as well as an attached local area network and, to some extent, Internet connectivity," they explained in a short Twitter post.

  • Securing the smart home environment


    Currently, smart home environments complement traditional home appliances with connected devices that collect, exchange and process data to create added-value services and enhance the quality of life of inhabitants.

  • Human element of security to the fore at IRISSCON 2015


    The most neglected part of security is the human factor – and yet it’s also the most vulnerable.

  • How UK businesses plan to tackle security threats in 2016


    81% UK IT decision makers experienced some sort of data or cyber security breach in their organisation in 2015, according to training company QA.


Harnessing artificial intelligence to build an army of virtual analysts

PatternEx, a startup that gathered a team of AI researcher from MIT CSAIL as well as security and distributed systems experts, is poised to shake up things in the user and entity behavior analytics market.

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