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  • WikiLeaks defector destroyed 3,500+ unpublished files


    It seems that the long awaited WikiLeaks leak containing documents regarding Bank of America will not be happening in the near or possibly not in any kind of future, since the documents were part of a batch taken by former WikiLeaks member Daniel Domscheit-Berg when he left and have now - by his own admission - been irrevocably destroyed.

  • PBS website hit by hacktivists, its database leaked online


    The hacktivist group behind the Fox breach seems to have made good on its promise to "own more things next week" - they have targeted the PBS website during the weekend.

  • Computer experts back appeal in Twitter-Wikileaks case


    A number of respected security experts have decided to formally speak up in favor of the appeal that lawyers have filed against the Twitter data handover decision in WikiLeaks case, so they filed an amicus brief - a legal opinion that could influence the court's final decision - stating that they think the government needs to obtain a search warrant if they want to get the IP addresses of the Twitter users linked to WikiLeaks.

  • Lawyers appeal Twitter data handover decision in WikiLeaks case


    Not satisfied with the court's decision that it has to turn over account details of three of its users to the US Department of Justice, three Twitter users have filed a motion to overthrow the decision made by US Magistrate Judge Theresa Carroll Buchanan of the Eastern District of Virginia on March 11.

  • Assange to be extradited to Sweden


    WikiLeaks founder and director Julian Assange is to extradited to Sweden so that he might be questioned regarding to and possibly charged with sexual assault and rape, decreed today the British judge presiding over the extradition hearing.


Critical bug found in Cisco ASA products, attackers are scanning for affected devices

Several Cisco ASA products - appliances, firewalls, switches, routers, and security modules - have been found sporting a flaw that can ultimately lead to remote code execution by attackers.

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