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  • Google aims to make Play Store safer, sets up human app review team


    The time has come for Google to add some more hoops for Android app developers to jumpt through in order to get their offering accepted to the Google Play store.

  • Many Android and iOS apps still vulnerable to FREAK attacks


    Your browser may no longer be vulnerable to FREAK attacks, but what about the mobile apps you use? According to FireEye researchers, who have tested the most popular apps both for Android and for iOS, a considerable number of them are left open to a FREAK attack, as they contain vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL and SecureTransport libraries.

  • Flaw in Dropbox SDK for Android lets attackers steal data sent to users' account


    Researchers from IBM's security team have discovered an authentication flaw in the Dropbox Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android that can be exploited to capture new data a user saves to his Dropbox account.

  • Fake guides and cracked apps on Google Play Books lead to malware


    Google has become pretty swift at finding and removing fake and malicious apps from its Google Play store, but there is one part of it where malware peddlers still seem to thrive: the "bookstore." According to Ryan Whitwam, there are a number of publisher accounts in Google Play that have specialized in offering fake "guides" that will supposedly show users how to download a cracked and cheaper version of popular games for Android.

  • FREAK bug breaks SSL encryption for Android and Apple devices


    A flaw in OpenSSL and Apple's Secure Transport implementation of SSL and TLS protocols is putting millions of Android and Apple device users as well as visitors of secured sites in danger of having their encrypted connections decrypted, and the information exchanged with the servers behind them intercepted.


Researcher tests Tor exit nodes, finds not all operators can be trusted

A security researcher that goes by the name Chloe recently tested around 1,400 Tor exit nodes by setting up a Bitcoin-themed phishing site.

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