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  • If we want strong encryption, we'll have to fight for it


    As digital rights lawyer and special counsel to the Electronic Frontier Foundation Marcia Hofmann correctly noted in her keynote at Hack in the Box Amsterdam 2015 on Thursday, this issue is like a pendulum: sometimes, like in the wake of the 1990s crypto wars, it swings towards strong encryption, but it could now swing in the other direction.

  • Reactions to the IRS hack that impacted 100,000 people


    Cybercriminals were able to successfully steal tax forms full of personal information of more than 100,000 taxpayers through IRS’ Get Transcript application.

  • New UK law says GCHQ agents cannot be prosecuted for hacking


    In a job posting published last week, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) - the UK version of US' National Security Agency - openly announced its intention to recruit "committed and responsible individuals who have the potential to carry out computer network operations to keep the UK safe." "This is the first time that GCHQ has openly recruited for Computer Network Operations Specialists (CNOS).

  • US House of Representatives votes to stop NSA's bulk data collection


    The highly debated USA FREEDOM Act, a bill whose purpose is "to rein in the dragnet collection of data by the NSA and other government agencies, increase transparency of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), provide businesses the ability to release information regarding FISA requests, and create an independent constitutional advocate to argue cases before the FISC," has been backed by the US House of Representatives.

  • US Passport Agency contractor stole applicants’ data to steal their identities


    Three women from Houston, Texas, stand accused of engaging in an identity theft scheme in which one of them, a contract employee of the Department of State Passport Agency, was in charge of stealing personally identifiable information of persons applying for a passport.


Hope is not a strategy, we need more healthy paranoia

35 percent of security experts believe leadership within their organization lacks a healthy paranoia, with 21 percent of leadership "relying on hope as a strategy" to avoid a cyber security breach.

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