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  • High volume DDoS attacks still persistent


    Arbor Networks released global DDoS attack data that shows a continuation of extremely high volume attacks.

  • How Google saw the DDoS attack against Github and GreatFire


    The recent DDoS attacks aimed at GreatFire, a website that exposes China's internet censorship efforts and helps users get access to their mirror-sites, and GitHub, the world's largest code hosting service, have been linked to the Great Cannon, an attack tool co-located with the Great Firewall of China.

  • DDoS threat recognized by all members of the C-suite


    The increasing number and size of DDoS attacks and their costly and devastating effects on brand perception have not passed unnoticed by North American businesses, most of which have heightened their state of preparedness against such attacks.

  • Radware launches hybrid cloud based WAF service


    Cyber attacks remain a persistent threat and have become sophisticated in size and scope.

  • US to enact sanctions against foreign cyber attackers


    US president Barack Obama has signed on Wednesday a new executive order aimed at imposing "sanctions on individuals or entities that engage in malicious cyber-enabled activities that create a significant threat to the national security, foreign policy, or economic health or financial stability of the United States." "The malicious cyber-enabled activity must have the purpose or effect of significantly harming or compromising critical infrastructure; misappropriating funds or economic resources, trade secrets, personal identifiers, or financial information for commercial or competitive advantage or private financial gain; knowingly receiving or using trade secrets that were stolen by cyber-enabled means for commercial or competitive advantage or private financial gain; disrupting the availability of a computer or network of computers (for example, through a denial of service attack); and attempting, assisting or providing material support for any of the above activities," the president explained.


Hope is not a strategy, we need more healthy paranoia

35 percent of security experts believe leadership within their organization lacks a healthy paranoia, with 21 percent of leadership "relying on hope as a strategy" to avoid a cyber security breach.

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