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  • Most organizations can't access critical security data


    Many enterprises feel that their security processes are failing to meet their potential due to a lack of coordination, benchmarking, and proactive improvement among the various “silos” of functionality, according to SenSage.

  • Securing the enterprise: Insight from Qualys


    In this video, recorded at RSA Conference 2011 in San Francisco, Qualys Chairman and CEO Philippe Courtot talks about the myriad of innovations coming from the company.

  • Corporate espionage via social networks


    We've all heard about HBGary Federal's COO Aaron Barr's claims that he leveraged the information gathered on various social networks to discover the identities of Anonymous' leaders, and about the repercussions this claim had upon the company.

  • Video: RSA Conference 2011 showcase


    In this RSA Conference 2011 video showcase, you can check out the look and feel of the event and the expo floor.\r\n

  • Virtualization platform for multiple OSes and apps


    As a new participant to the RSA Conference, LynuxWorks demonstrated its LynxSecure high-performance, secure virtualization platform. The LynuxWorks platform allows multiple guest operating systems and applications to run safely and independently on a single device. Originally built for security-critical military, medical and avionics embedded applications; this technology has now been extended to support the enterprise. According to Robert Day, VP of Marketing at LynuxWorks, "At the RSA Conference we are showing that it is now possible to run multiple copies of the Windows OS, each held in their own secure enclave, running at near native-speed on a LynxSecure-based endpoint. It is now possible to secure corporate sensitive applications and data on a machine browsing the open Internet without compromising the performance or functionality of the system." He further explained that the same LynxSecure technology can be used to secure the next generation of devices and appliances based on Intel's latest 2nd Generation Intel Core processors, allowing developers to build security into their new systems at the lowest level, and then use the hypervisor functionality built into LynxSecure to run legacy OSes and applications on this secure platform.


Harnessing artificial intelligence to build an army of virtual analysts

PatternEx, a startup that gathered a team of AI researcher from MIT CSAIL as well as security and distributed systems experts, is poised to shake up things in the user and entity behavior analytics market.

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