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  • Video: General Data Protection Regulation, Safe Harbor Agreement, Copyright reform and the Google case


    After having been ruled invalid by the ECJ, the Safe Habor Agreement is now back in the spotlight as the Commission has finally issued a communication on the Trans-Atlantic data transfers destined to draft a ‘Safer’ Harbor Agreement.

  • Car hacking via compromised car diagnostic tools


    Car hacking is a topic that has received considerable attention from security researchers in the last year or so, and the general public and (hopefully) lawmakers are finally beginning to perceive the danger as real.

  • Data privacy endangered by international trade agreements


    You might or might not know that some countries - especially some European ones - have (or are working on) strong data protection laws.

  • To what extent companies digitally track our daily lives?


    Do you know how digitally collected information uncovers things about you which you would rather remained private? We're already living in the age of Big Data, and are on the very cusp of the age of the Internet of Things - will this lead to to complete and ubiquitous surveillance? These are the question digital rights activist Wolfie Christl attempted to answer with a study on global trends in corporate surveillance, the results of which he shared in a presentation at the re:publica conference in Berlin this week: "It's not only governments who are spying on us, today we are constantly getting our lives categorized and rated by a global network of online platforms, ad servers, app developers, analytics companies, data brokers and many more, whose business models are based on the expectation of our personal data," says Christl.

  • Video: Bruce Schneier talks to Edward Snowden


    As part of a Harvard computer science symposium, Bruce Schneier had a public conversation with Edward Snowden.


More than 900 embedded devices share hard-coded certs, SSH host keys

SEC Consult analyzed firmware images of more than 4000 embedded devices of over 70 vendors and found that, in some cases, there are nearly half a million devices on the web using the same certificate.

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