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  • To what extent companies digitally track our daily lives?


    Do you know how digitally collected information uncovers things about you which you would rather remained private? We're already living in the age of Big Data, and are on the very cusp of the age of the Internet of Things - will this lead to to complete and ubiquitous surveillance? These are the question digital rights activist Wolfie Christl attempted to answer with a study on global trends in corporate surveillance, the results of which he shared in a presentation at the re:publica conference in Berlin this week: "It's not only governments who are spying on us, today we are constantly getting our lives categorized and rated by a global network of online platforms, ad servers, app developers, analytics companies, data brokers and many more, whose business models are based on the expectation of our personal data," says Christl.

  • Researchers create searchable database of intelligence operators


    The researchers behind Transparency Toolkit, a venture whose goal is to develop source software to collect and analyze publicly available data on surveillance and human rights abuses, have released ICWATCH, a collection of 27,094 resumes of people working in the intelligence community.

  • USBKill turns thumb drives into computer kill switches


    A coder that goes by the online handle "Hephaestos" has shared with the world a Python script that, when put on an USB thumb drive, turns the device in an effective kill switch for the computer in which it's plugged in.

  • Las Vegas' Hard Rock casino hit by carders


    Las Vegas' popular Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has been hit by carders, who took off with names, card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV codes (but not PIN numbers or other information) of customers who used their payment cards at several locations within the property.

  • Tor Browser 4.5. is out, with new security and privacy upgrades


    The Tor Project has released version 4.5 of its popular Tor Browser, and this new version comes with a number of security and privacy improvements.


Whitepaper: 10 things your next firewall must do

For enterprises looking at Next-Generation Firewalls, the most important consideration is: will this new technology empower your security teams to securely enable applications to the benefit of the organization? It's not about blocking applications, but safely enabling them.

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