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  • UK GCHQ collected emails of UK, US journalists


    British intelligence agency GCHQ has, at least on one occasion, slurped up emails sent by and to journalists working for a number of high-profile news organizations and shared their contents on its own intranet, the Guardian reported.

  • Hacker hits Australian travel insurer, leaks records of 800,000 customers


    Personal and limited financial information of over 800,000 customers of Australian travel insurance company Aussie Travel Cover have been stolen by a hacker that goes by the online handle "Abdilo" and is believed to be a member of the infamous Lizard Squad.

  • UK PM Cameron demonizes encryption, US report says it's vital


    When British Prime Minister David Cameron announced on Tuesday his plan to introduce new surveillance powers in the UK by forcing businesses to plant backdoors in their communication products, and ban applications that use end-to-end encryption, security experts we asked for an opinion have unanimously declared that weakening users' security posture is not the right answer to the problem of fighting criminals and terrorists.

  • Pirate activist shows politicians what digital surveillance looks like


    How to make politicians really understand the dangers of mass digital surveillance and the importance of information security? Gustav Nipe, the 26-year old president of the Swedish Pirate Party's youth wing, tried to do it by setting up an open Wi-Fi network at the Society and Defence National Conference held in Sälen, Sweden, late last and earlier this week, and collecting and analyzing the metadata of conference attendees who connected to it.

  • Protecting personal data in the consumer product industry


    Eight in 10 consumers (80 percent) say they are more likely to buy from consumer products (CP) companies that they believe protect their personal information, yet only 37 percent believe that these companies are adequately doing so, according to a new Deloitte study.


How GitHub is redefining software development

Posted on 26 January 2015.  |  The security industry is slowly realizing what the developer community knew for years - collaboration is the key to and likely the future of innovation.

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