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  • How safe are Android-based children’s tablets?


    Looking for an Android-based tablet for your child but don't know which one to choose? If you are concerned about the security of your child's data - as you should be - and about the device's protection against random hackers, Bluebox Security has just released a review of the nine most popular Android tablet models aimed specifically at children:Nabi 2iDeaPLAYKurio 7sSmartab 7”ProntoTec 7” WiMoContixo Kids 7”iRulu Kid Pad 7”Orbo Jr.Sprout Channel Cubby.The company tested the devices with their own Trustable app and a combination of three malware scanners.

  • Superfish not the only app using Komodia's SSL-busting code


    As Lenovo backtracked on its initial position that the Superfish adware pre-installed on some of its notebooks is not a security danger, and released a security advisory about the "vulnerability" that allows it to install a self-signed root certificate in the local trusted CA store, Superfish CEO Adi Pinhas did the same.

  • Flaw makes Cisco routing hardware vulnerable to DoS attacks


    A serious vulnerability affecting the software of some of Cisco's routing hardware systems for telecommunications and Internet service providers could be exploited to mount DoS attacks, the company has announced in a security advisory.

  • Over 250,000 home routers sport same SSH keys, warns researcher


    With a simple search, John Matherly, the creator of Shodan, has discovered with it more than 250,000 routers that share the same SSH key, meaning they also share the same private key.

  • New Android Trojan fakes device shut down, spies on users


    A new Android Trojan that tricks users into believing they have shut their device down while it continues working, and is able to silently make calls, send messages, take photos and perform many other tasks, has been discovered and analyzed by AVG researchers.


Compromised cPanel "Account Suspended" pages redirect to exploit kit

The code redirects visitors to another URL where the Fiesta exploit kit is hosted, which then tries to detect and exploit several vulnerabilities in various software. If it succeeds, the visitors are saddled with a banking Trojan.

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