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  • Beware of Apple Wave microwave wireless charging hoax


    Excited about the new Wave iPhone wireless charging technology and can't wait to try it out? Please don't - it's a hoax.

  • Apple drops the "warrant canary" from transparency report


    In the wake of the change of Apple's Privacy Policy, and the encryption technology used in iOS 8 that makes it "not technically feasible" for Apple to respond to government warrants for data extraction, GigaOm's Jeff John Roberts has noted one more crucial change: the disappearance of Apple's "warrant canary." As you might remember, in November 2013, the company included the following sentences in its transparency report: "Apple has never received an order under Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act.

  • With iOS 8, Apple won't be able to unlock phones for the police


    With the release of iOS 8, Apple has also updated its Privacy Policy.

  • iOS 8 fixes bucketload of severe security bugs


    Apple has released the latest version of its mobile OS on Wednesday, and in it has fixed over 50 vulnerabilities, many of which are very serious:Two vulnerabilities allowed a local attacker to escalate privileges and install unverified (likely malicious) applicationsA validation issue in the handling of update check responses allowed an attacker with a privileged network position to cause an iOS device to think that it is up to date even when it is notTwo vulnerabilities in CoreGraphics made it possible for a maliciously crafted PDF file to terminate apps or execute arbitrary codeSeveral vulnerabilities in the IOHIDFamily kernel extension made it posible for a malicious app to read kernel pointers, which can be used to bypass kernel address space layout randomization, or to execute arbitrary code with system privileges (the latter was also made possible by the existence of several IOKit bugs)A Libnotify bug allowed a malicious application may be able to execute arbitrary code with root privilegesTwo Safari vulnerabilities made it possible for attackers and websites to intercept or harvest user credentials12 WebKit bugs could have been misused by attackers to execute arbitrary code on the device by simply creating a malicious website and tricking users into visiting it.With iOS 8, Apple has also updated its certificate trust policy and has randomised the MAC address to prevent potential device tracking attacks via passive WiFi scans.

  • Apple adds two-step verification for iCloud


    Apple has announced that the two-step verification option for iCloud accounts now also extends to iCloud backups, preventing attackers who know the target's password from installing the target's backup on a new device and, thusly, from accessing the information contained in it.


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