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  • New e-mail security service from Barracuda


    Barracuda Networks launched their new Email Security Service, a cloud-based e-mail filtering service which offers: Dual protection points – Onsite and cloud-based threat protection. E-mail burst handling – E-mail surge suppression during peak traffic and spam spikes, which offloads a significant volume of spam email to be filtered via the cloud. Immediate response – Automatic updates in real-time to continuously stay ahead of quickly morphing threats. E-mail continuity – E-mail spooling provides queuing for up to four days and backup MX for email rerouting to a separate destination ensure seamless disaster recovery capabilities in the event of network downtime or system outage. E-mail encryption – E-mail encryption in the cloud with centralized key management. “As email threats become more dangerous, customers are demanding more robust capabilities and greater flexibility in deployment options,” said Dean Drako, president and CEO of Barracuda Networks.

  • GFI MailSecurity 2011 released


    GFI Software launched a new version of its multiple antivirus email security software, GFI MailSecurity which boosts malware detection using sandbox technology and, for customers using the optional AVG engine, the detection through Link Scanner, of emails that link to malware. Other updates include a new dashboard that increases product manageability and control of the email scanning system and smaller AV updates. GFI MailSecurity uses multiple antivirus engines to scan inbound email to drastically reduce the average time required to obtain the latest virus signatures, enabling a faster response to combat the latest threats.

  • 10 tips for securely managing e-mail


    “As an IT manager, looking after your company email can be a major headache.

  • Security implications of new Facebook e-mail service


    Facebook has announced its new email service which brings together Facebook messages, instant messaging chat and SMS messages in one place. "Before signing up, users need to realise that these new features increase the attack surface on the Facebook platform, and make personal accounts all the more alluring for cybercriminals to break into," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos.

  • Free antispam for Linux mail servers


    BitDefender released Free Antispam for Linux Mail Servers, aimed at small businesses and individuals who run mail servers in environments other than Windows but are dissatisfied with the lackluster performance of existing open-source or proprietary antispam solutions. BitDefender's antispam engines provide antiphishing, content and attachment filtering.


Dissecting the unpredictable DDoS landscape

Posted on 23 April 2014.  |  DDoS attacks are now more unpredictable and damaging than ever, crippling websites, shutting down operations, and costing millions of dollars in downtime, customer support and brand damage, according to Neustar.

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