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  • Researchers analyze destructive malware used in Sony hack


    Who is behind the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack, and how extensive is it? These are two questions to which we still don't know the answers, but new leaks and hints are popping up every day.

  • Sony breach: More leaks expose employees' salaries, personal data


    The fallout from last week's breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment networks continues to increase, as the attackers leaked more stolen data on Pastebin on late Monday evening.

  • Sony Pictures hacked, blackmailed


    Apparently, Sony Pictures was hacked. The breach has still not been confirmed by the company, whose only comment so far is that they are "investigating an IT matter.” But according to a Reddit user who claims to have worked for Sony and still has friends there, every computer in the Sony Pictures network has been effectively made unusable, and is sporting the following image: According to an internal source that talked to The Next Web, all Sony employees have been instructed to go home for the day and work from there, but not to connect the company’s corporate network or check their work email.

  • Website fined for leaking encrypted card details and decryption key


    The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is warning organizations that they must make sure their websites are protected against one of the most common forms of online attack – known as SQL injection.

  • The security threat of unsanctioned file sharing


    Organisational leadership is failing to respond to the escalating risk of ungoverned file sharing practices among their employees, and employees routinely breach IT policies and place company data in jeopardy, say the results of the “Breaking Bad: The Risk of Unsecure File Sharing” report by Intralinks Holdings and Ponemon Institute.


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