WoW players targeted with phishing emails
Posted on 26 July 2010.
World of Warcraft players are once again targeted by a phishing scheme, says F-Secure.

Emails purporting to come from Blizzard Entertainment - the creators of WoW - have hit inboxes around the world, claiming that the Blizzard is investigating recent thefts of accounts and requiring of the users to change/restore their passwords. Of course, the email contains a link that takes the user to a web page that does not belong to Blizzard:

Apart from the suspicious link, a good indication that this email is not coming from Blizzard are the noticeable grammatical and language errors.

F-Secure experts have investigated further and discovered that the sender used a SMTP relay attack to spoof the "From" address to make it look like the email is coming from Blizzard, but is in fact coming from an individual Hotmail email account.

WoW players are advised to be careful when receiving such emails, and are asked to remember that a real account changes verification process includes more than just contributing your password - you must also provide a valid ID.


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