Microsoft to address six issues on Tuesday
Posted on 04 July 2014.
Microsoft has dropped their July 2014 advance security notification and it looks like a relatively light month of patching. Six issues in total, 2 Critical, 3 Important, 1 Moderate. OS administration teams will be busy, application administrators get the month off.

One of the critical issues is an IE fix. It will be interesting to see just how many CVEs are in this round after the 59 patched in MS14-035. Rather than 59 being the new normal, I expect this round will return to the 8-12 CVEs addressed per IE patch standard.

The other critical affects Windows operating systems from Vista to latest, excluding Server Core builds. It’s probably not a true no-user-interaction remote, but it could be. These two will undoubtedly be the top patching priorities.

The odd one out this month is the Moderate Denial of Service in “Microsoft Service Bus for Windows Server.” This seems to be a message queuing library for Windows, it's part of the Microsoft Web Platform package and is not installed by default with any OS version. That said, if you have this component you will probably care to patch this before script kids start knocking over your site.

Author: Ross Barrett, Senior Manager, Security Engineering, Rapid7.


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