Speakers boycotting RSA Conference will speak at TrustyCon
Posted on 20 January 2014.
Security consulting firm iSEC Partners, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and DEF CON have announce that they will be kicking off a brand-new security technology conference, TrustyCon.

Sponsored by Microsoft and CloudFlare and scheduled to be held on February 27, 2014 at AMC Metreon in San Francisco, the event will "prioritize and refocus trust in technology and technology companies, during a time of cynicism and contempt towards consumer security and privacy."

Following opening remarks from iSEC Partners co-founder Alex Stamos, a full program of panels of security experts and a keynote speaker will tackle the future of trust in technology.

Confirmed speakers and panelists are:
  • Alex Stamos, Chief Technology Officer, Artemis
  • Jeff Moss, Founder, DEF CON and Black Hat
  • Marcia Hofmann, Privacy Attorney
  • Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer, F-Secure
  • Chris Palmer, Software Security Engineer, Google
  • Christopher Soghoian, Principal Technologist, American Civil Liberties Union
If these names sound familiar, it is because some of these speakers have been scheduled to speak on RSA Conference 2014 but have pulled their talks in the wake of public allegations that RSA received $10 million from the NSA to make the backdoored Dual EC_DRBG the default algorithm in its BSafe solution.

"The disclosure of this deal has affected the trust individuals and companies place in the government and technology companies and has struck a chord among businesses and consumers. It raises concern regarding the ways the industry may profit from relationships with the government and whether international clients can trust their security providers," the conference organizers noted. "TrustyCon serves as a call-to-action to companies to design their technology and businesses to be secure and trustworthy."

The one-track conference will be held in a venue with limited space, so only 400 tickets will be made available for those interested in attending. The price of a ticket is $50, and all proceeds will be donated to the EFF.


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