MOVEit Cloud 8.0 extends managed file transfer to mobile devices
Posted on 15 November 2013.
Ipswitch File Transfer launched MOVEit Cloud 8.0, adding mobile support to the MOVEit Managed File Transfer (MFT) cloud service.

The MOVEit MFT system is used by businesses today to transfer files between business partners, customers, and employees, as well as automate file-based workflows. With the addition of the new MOVEit mobile features, mobile devices become a seamless extension of a company’s MFT system and automated file workflows. IT has the automation it needs to ensure the proper files are available to mobile workers, the visibility and control of who receives certain files and when, with the ease of use and security required for mobile devices.

MOVEit Cloud 8.0 combines the most flexible MFT solution for businesses extended to mobile devices with the convenience of a cloud-based service:
  • Ability to securely send and receive files with business partners, customers, and employees.
  • Mobile access to the latest files from business systems with ability to upload new files.
  • The automation IT requires to ensure the proper files are available to mobile workers.
  • The visibility and control of who receives certain files and when.
  • Scalable architecture of cloud, with elasticity to meet peaks in demand.
  • Highest reliability with a lower total cost of ownership of a cloud-based service.
“In today’s business environment, organizations need to be able to quickly adapt to changing behaviors,” said Michael Osterman, principal of analyst firm Osterman Research. “By offering MOVEit 8.0 for the cloud, Ipswitch is providing customers with the visibility, security and control they require in their Managed File Transfer environment, to extend it to mobile devices- all in a flexible SaaS solution.”


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