SafeToGo USB 3.0 hardware encrypted flash drive released
Posted on 06 November 2013.
Cardwave has partnered with BlockMaster to produce the next generation of highly secure USB 3.0 compliant flash drives. The new device will typically work at 2 to 3 times faster than a conventional USB 2.0 device.

SafeToGo meets the security requirements for organisations that use USB flash drives for carrying confidential data. It offers enterprise grade security with 100% hardware encryption and password protection. The device can also be fully managed through the BlockMaster SafeConsole server that has been upgraded to include support for ShieldShare – a secure file sharing solution for businesses.

“Data security should be the highest priority when employees handle and travel with sensitive information. It is becoming commonplace to read about serious data losses as unencrypted USB devices are mislaid by employees, and organisations are exposed not only to commercially damaging information leaks, but significant fines that can be many thousands of pounds,” says Paul Norbury, Cardwave CEO.

His comments come after a number of articles in recent years detailing the catastrophic effects of breaches in data security and the consequence of not using encrypted USB drives.

“Organisations can lose control of the location and security of their data very quickly. For this reason, it is vital that companies deploy the right solutions and use hardware encrypted flash drives that are backed by comprehensive security strategies,” stated Norbury.


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