Evernote 2-step verification option now available to all users
Posted on 08 October 2013.
Some four months after Evernote rolled out the 2-factor authentication feature for paying customers, the company has finally offered the option to the rest of its note-taking suite's users.

"Two-step verification, also known as two-factor authentication, adds an additional layer of security to the login process, requiring you to enter a special code from your phone, in addition to your regular username and password," the company explained in a blog post. "The goal of this extra step is to combine something you know (your password) with something only you would have access to (your phone)."

Unlike Premium and Business users who have the option of receiving the 6-digit verification code either via SMS or a smartphone app such as Google Authenticator, those who have signed up for the free service will only be able to receive it via the app.

"As part of the set up process, you will be given a set of one-time codes to use in the event that you are unable to access your phone. Donít keep these codes in Evernote since youíll need them when you donít have access to your Evernote account," they added.

Also, users should be aware that losing the phone and the one-time codes might result in getting permanently locked out of their Evernote account.


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