Zscaler cloud-based platform makes behavioral analysis mainstream
Posted on 17 September 2013.
Zscaler announced Zscaler for APTs, a cloud-based security solution to address the entire advanced persistent threat (APT) and advanced targeted attack (ATA) defense lifecycle, including protection, detection and remediation.

Zscaler for APTs provides continuous coverage of any user on any device in any location with proactive protection and real-time advanced security analytics.

APTs and ATAs probe networks and users for vulnerabilities, utilize zero-day exploits for infection, establish botnets and maintain communication with command and control servers before exfiltrating data or sabotaging systems – all while evading traditional security and detection solutions.

“Many security vendors have overhyped APTs, blurring its definition to distract the market from the fact that their solutions are simple features that should be included in a greater platform,” said Michael Sutton, VP of security research, Zscaler. “Advanced threats are more than just social engineering, zero-day attacks or data exfiltration; they are the sum of these parts and more, requiring a comprehensive solution to address each individual attack surface as a whole.”

The advanced threat protection lifecycle includes protection, detection and remediation; however, the first generation of APT solutions, such as behavioral analysis, has been limited in addressing the entire lifecycle.

Behavioral analysis is an important feature for identifying advanced threats, but it is not a complete solution on its own. The results from behavioral analysis must be combined with other preventative and detective controls to ensure comprehensive protection.


Chrome extension thwarts user profiling based on typing behavior

Infosec consultant Paul Moore came up with a working solution to thwart a type of behavioral profiling. The result is a Chrome extension called Keyboard Privacy, which prevents profiling of users by the way they type by randomizing the rate at which characters reach the DOM.

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