The Password Management Guide
Posted on 12 September 2013.
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We are all overwhelmed by passwords. Everyone has an account for Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Outlook/Hotmail, Dropbox... the list goes on.

Unfortunately, most of us use either one password or a group of passwords for all of our major accounts. Thatís dangerous. It doesnít matter if the individual password is unique, or if itís a long mix of numbers and letters; if you only use one password it wonít matter.

When one account is compromised, all of your accounts will likely follow. The main reason people reuse passwords is that keeping track of many different logins (username and password as shortly both are called logins) is difficult, in fact itís potentially impossible. This is where password management applications become crucial, especially in a business environment. You donít want to use the same password with all of your online accounts, but it is also impossible for you to remember hundreds of passwords. So what should you do?

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