Preventing the exploitation of human vulnerabilities
Posted on 26 July 2013.
Secure Mentem released the Human Incident Response Service to specifically address the issue of exploiting human vulnerabilities. Some of the most noted attacks in recent history were only enabled after exploiting such weaknesses.

Secure Mentem’s new service analyzes the root cause of the attack, creates a plan to mitigate the damage and the underlying vulnerabilities, and assists in implementing the plan. The solution provides a critical service, while allowing the victim organization to demonstrate that they are taking definitive actions to reestablish trust and reduce the potential for future compromises.

"Having helped dozens of companies mitigate all types of incidents, we know that most of them have technical incident response plans in place, and regularly test those plans,” noted Ira Winkler, President of Secure Mentem. "Unfortunately, few organizations are prepared to deal with human failings. Organizations need guidance to respond appropriately when they are faced with the resulting incidents.”

“The need for enterprises to react to non-technical incidents has never been greater,” noted Jay Leek, CISO for Blackstone, “While it would be great to prevent these incidents in the first place, companies need to quickly react to the inevitable incident.”

ost security awareness efforts are geared towards compliance. Check-the-box solutions rarely change employee security behaviors and do little to protect against human error. They do not prepare an organization to respond to an attack or other human failing.


More than 900 embedded devices share hard-coded certs, SSH host keys

SEC Consult analyzed firmware images of more than 4000 embedded devices of over 70 vendors and found that, in some cases, there are nearly half a million devices on the web using the same certificate.

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