Pirate Bay co-founder sentenced for hacking Swedish companies
Posted on 20 June 2013.
Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm has been found guilty of hacking into Swedish IT company Logica and the Nordea bank mainframe and has been sentenced to two years in prison by the Nacka District Court, The Local reports.

Despite claiming that he is innocent and that someone else executed the breaches by using his computer remotely, the Court believed him guilty of both breaches and the publication of the data stolen from Logica's databases, including personal information of some 20,000 police employees, personal identification numbers of millions of Swedes, and the names of around 11,000 individuals with protected identities

He was also found guilty of attempted unauthorized money transfers from several Nordea bank accounts, in which he succeeded only once. An accomplice in the breaches has also been convicted.

The judge of the Nacka District Court has also decided that Svartholm can be extradited to Denmark, where he is wanted for allegedly hacking into mainframe systems of CSC, a company tasked with keeping and handling sensitive information belonging to the Danish police, as well as the Danish Tax Authority and the Modernisation Agency, and downloading a large number of files that has, luckily, not been made public.

He and his unnamed 20-year-old Danish accomplice have also allegedly accessed the Schengen Information System and information on wanted persons contained in it.

Svartholm can still appeal to both decisions.


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