GFI MailArchiver 2013 released
Posted on 14 May 2013.
GFI Software announced a new version of its email archiving solution, GFI MailArchiver, which now provides managers with the ability to better understand employee email habits and identify their email usage personality types.

Business intelligence and other insights gleaned from email with GFI MailArchiver help managers evaluate job performance, boost productivity, and encourage efficient communications practices.

The latest version of GFI MailArchiver ranks workers according to who uses email the most often, who responds to emails the fastest, and who communicates with the greatest number of recipients. In addition, GFI MailArchiver now identifies top keywords that are frequently used and measures positive and negative email sentiment across the organization.

Accessible via any IMAP-enabled device, including Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android platforms, GFI MailArchiver 2013 enables companies to manage their email history all in one place, providing access at any time. It offers control, choice and flexibility in managing an organisation’s source of information – its email history – along with business intelligence capabilities through MailInsights, MailArchiver's exclusive reporting module.

New features of GFI MailArchiver 2013 also include:
  • Automatic and manual archiving capabilities direct from Microsoft Outlook®. This add-on can be used to automatically import old .pst files into the archive.
  • Role-based functionality provides IT administrators with the flexibility and scalability needed to authorise individual users to access data, according to employee roles and business needs.
  • A redesigned, single-view dashboard which enhances the ability of IT administrators to monitor storage and performance, making email even easier to manage.
  • More powerful and intuitive searching capabilities, improving the user experience.
  • Easy, first-time importing of old emails with initial setup.


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