Airlock launches secure cloud hosting
Posted on 02 April 2013.
Airlock launched its Secure Cloud Platform which offers enterprise-level security features like intrusion detection, hardware and web application firewalls, DDoS mitigation and malware scanning. Airlock also integrates a global CDN, DNS management, and quick deployment of more than 60 apps and development frameworks.

“When I was a security consultant I built a number of custom security solutions, but only large corporations with massive budgets could afford true, enterprise-level security in the cloud,” said Airlock co-founder and CTO Austin Saucier, who built the Airlock cloud platform from the ground up.

Airlock’s control panel was designed to be perfect for beginners, but powerful enough for experts. The control panel offers quick access to user permissions, SSL certificates, firewall settings, load balancers, DNS, auto-scaling, server snapshots, real-time usage charts and full web console access. Airlock’s cloud server controls allow users to create, scale, rebuild, clone and backup cloud servers in a snap.

In addition, Airlock partnered with JumpBox to integrate its entire library of more than 60 fully functional applications and development frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, LAMP, Magento and Ruby on Rails, plus the top Linux distros like Ubuntu, CentOS and Fedora.

Airlock’s cloud infrastructure is built on top of high-performance dual quad-core HP Blade servers, with dedicated ECC RAM and StorageWorks iSCSI clustered SANs for spectacular performance and maximum reliability. All of Airlock’s cloud servers come with a premium, 1Gb/sec burstable network interface and top-tier bandwidth.

Airlock also offers a supercharged CDN with 133 locations in 39 countries, which can increase content delivery speed by up to 70 percent.


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