Keynotes announced for Hack In The Box 2013 Amsterdam
Posted on 04 March 2013.
Edward Schwartz, Chief Information Security Officer at global information security giant, RSA, will be delivering his keynote address on "Embracing the Uncertainty of Advanced Attacks with Big Data Analytics" at the annual HITB Security Conference in Amsterdam on the 10th of April.

The following keynote address will be delivered by Bob Lord, Director of Information Security at Twitter who will speak on "Rethinking the Front Lines".

Taking place at the Okura Hotel Amsterdam, this year's 2-day, triple-track HITBSecConf Amsterdam will also play host to over 30 of the world's top computer security experts and is expected to attract hundreds of attendees from around the globe.

With organized criminals, nation-state groups and hacktivists continuing to wreak havoc within organizations of all sizes in spite of their security teams' best efforts, organizations today must face unknown and unexpected attacks when there is a legacy over-reliance on antiquated incident management processes.

Join Edward Schwartz as he discusses how big data approaches can reduce uncertainty to succeed against advanced adversaries by transforming four critical aspects of any security program.

On the morning of the 11th, Bob Lord, Director of Information Security at Twitter, will take the stage, sharing some experimental results of Twitter's efforts to reconnect with their user base. Many security professionals view their users as a lost cause.

Between bad passwords, phishing, and lost machines, users seem to present unbounded risk. Join Bob as he also shares his thoughts on how we as an industry can rethink this problem to take back the front lines.


The synergy of hackers and tools at the Black Hat Arsenal

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