Compliance auditing with in-depth reporting
Posted on 20 December 2012.
Paws Studio is the compliance auditing tool for workstations and servers which enables organizations to produce intelligent compliance reports. It includes pre-defined policies for industry standards such as PCI, NERC, STIG and NSA and is fully automatable and customizable.

Titania’s latest release includes new features which solve many of the issues associated with STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide) audits.

The STIG Converter has been inspired by feedback from our military customers. Organisations wanting to check their workstations and servers against the STIG compliance policy can now self-update the STIG definition file within Paws Studio using only the XCCDF & OVAL documents.

Titania's programming team provides regular updates to the pre-defined policies, but this option gives organisations the security of knowing they are checking against the most up to date information possible.

The Manual Checking function has been updated so that reports are now able to produce a fuller view of compliance policies. Manual checks allow you to include the physical security aspects of compliance rather than just being able to assess registry checks against your compliance requirements.

Now you can add a title, description and fix for physical security issues which are included in compliance policies, such as locking doors and disposing of documents. These will then appear in your compliance report, providing the organisation with a more thorough overview of your compliance status.

With Paws Studio you can:
  • Perform compliance audits through either remote network auditing or manual access to the audit data in secure environments
  • Produce advanced and easy to action reports with comprehensive summaries
  • Audit against pre-defined policies such as PCI, NSA, STIG and NERC
  • Define your own customised policy to suit your organisation
  • Write it into your current processes as it is fully scriptable.


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