Xen Cloud Platform 1.6 released
Posted on 28 November 2012.
Xen Cloud Platform is a virtualization platform for companies to create and manage virtual infrastructures for servers, desktops and clouds.

XCP 1.6 strengthens its server virtualization feature set for datacenter consolidation and simplifies the path to cloud computing with advanced virtual machine migration, enhanced networking and security.

XCP is a complete open source server virtualization platform built on the powerful open-source Xen hypervisor, which is widely acknowledged as the fastest and most secure virtualization software in the industry and is designed for efficient management of Linux and Windows virtual servers, delivering cost-effective server consolidation and business continuity.

XCP adds a set of management and automation capabilities, cloud management integrations and security enhancements to optimize the platform for cloud use-cases.

New features in the latest version of XCP include:

Storage migration: XCP now features an all new Storage XenMotion technology that lets users freely move running virtual machines without the need for shared storage. With the new Storage XenMotion feature, live migration occurs using a “shared nothing” architecture where the storage used for the virtual disks can be moved freely within and across pools for optimized storage utilization, simplified backup and serviceability.

Live VDI migration: XCP now allows users to relocate a VM's Virtual Disk Image (VDI) without shutting down the VM. This enables users to move VM's from cheap, local storage to fast, resilient, array-backed storage; to move VM's from a development to a production environment; to move between tiers of storage when a VM is limited by storage capacity; and to perform storage array upgrades.

Networking enhancements: XCP contains a number of networking enhancements, sich as support for Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP); improvements to Source Load Balancing (SLB); improvements to Multi-Tenancy support; VLAN Scalability improvements; support for Emergency Network Reset and IPv6 Guest support.


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