Mandiant unveils cloud-based network monitoring service
Posted on 18 October 2012.
Mandiant announced Mandiant Cloud Alert, a subscription-based service which requires no hardware or software installation. It helps organizations pinpoint compromise in their network environments by identifying when IT assets have been misappropriated by criminal operators.

“Millions of computers become unwitting participants in cyber-criminal activities every day,” said Grady Summers, vice president at Mandiant. “Mandiant Cloud Alert draws on Mandiant’s proprietary intelligence about cyber threats that can compromise an organization’s assets for criminal purposes or steal documents and credentials. With Mandiant Cloud Alert, organizations gain visibility into malicious communications that Mandiant identifies and receive context about the frequency, severity, and magnitude of the incident.”

Identifies malicious communications: Subscribers see real-time updates when their computers attempt to communicate to malicious networks. Mandiant Cloud Alert only displays 100% confirmed compromises so security teams can focus more time on remediating actual threats that have compromised their network and reduce the time they spend validating alerts.

Audits existing security measures: Mandiant Could Alert only shows exploits that have bypassed existing preventive security measures, providing security teams visibility into when and where preventive measures are circumvented.

Provides context to prioritize incidents: Mandiant Cloud Alert provides detailed intelligence on each compromise including the malware used to create the command and control activity, timestamps, destination host, and historical data.

Tracking and trending: Subscribers gain visibility into how command and control activity changes over time so they can assess the impact of new security measures.


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