Netgear developer program ignites app creation
Posted on 08 October 2012.
Netgear announced a new developer program for developers to create new apps to help customers get more out of the millions of Netgear devices purchased every month.

Developers simply register at the Smart Network website where they can access all the Java-based building blocks they need to create apps. Home and small business customers can remotely download apps directly to their connected Netgear devices just as they would to a smartphone or tablet – to expand functionality.

Whether developers are looking to create simple web apps, drivers or integration software for Netgear consumer devices, the Netgear Smart Network development platform simplifies the job. Complete resources are available, including:

XML APIs: For a technology-agnostic API, developers can leverage the Netgear Smart Network Intelligent Cloud app server to enable customers to access their apps anywhere, anytime – or developers can choose to write their own user interfaces and/or hosted applications in the cloud. Plug-ins are provided to enable developers to gain access to the devices and data they need to complete their apps.

Java bundles: For apps hosted inside the home on Netgear always-on routers, gateways or ReadyNAS devices, developers writing in Java are supplied with libraries, tutorials, sample applications and templates.

Drivers and native code: The Netgear Smart Network platform enables developers to use native code for hard-core device drivers or existing applications.

The Netgear genie+ marketplace app store expands the possibilities for enhancing customers’ connected life with smart network apps and offers developers a way to monetize their apps.

As with smartphones or tablets, customers can download and install apps directly from their smartphones or laptops to their routers, ReadyNAS devices or gateways simply by clicking and downloading. With Netgear Smart Network apps, consumers can customize the functionality of their home network without the need for a full firmware update.


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