Ipswitch releases WhatsUp Gold 16
Posted on 03 October 2012.
Ipswitch released WhatsUp Gold 16, which comes loaded with network, server and application monitoring, automated layer 2 discovery and mapping, wireless infrastructure management and hardware and software asset reporting.

The software’s single pane of glass interface integrates all network, system and application management tools into one web-based console, providing administrators with a central hub for everything IT management, and a simple means to maintain a healthy, strong and secure IT infrastructure.

New functionality includes:
  • Wireless infrastructure management to monitor wireless bandwidth, track BYOD trends and stay vigilant against rogue devices.
  • Layer 2 discovery and mapping for visual insight into the connectivity between wired and wireless devices, immediate access to performance information directly from the map, and the ability to automatically set monitoring rules and dependencies that speeds up problem resolution.
  • Asset and inventory reporting to automatically discover, monitor and report on network and software assets and associated warranty information.
Backed by a distributed architecture, WhatsUp Gold 16 is scalable from the startup to the enterprise, capable of powering organizations with as little as 25 devices, or as many as 20,000.

The device-based pricing model eliminates buyer confusion and saves companies money by ensuring that organizations only pay for what they need. The single-pane-of-glass interface reduces the costs associated with deploying multiple, high-maintenance solutions in a single environment.

Pricing for WhatsUp Gold v16 starts at $1595.


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