Cloud-connected backup and recovery platform
Posted on 12 September 2012.
EVault updated its cloud-connected backup and recovery platform. EVault 7 offers a more resilient architecture, with enhanced replication that delivers faster backups – up to 100 percent faster for VMware environments than EVault 6 – and is optimized for a distributed environment.

“With EVault 7, our customers are seeing the future shape of data protection,” said Terry Cunningham, president and general manager, EVault. “Our backup and recovery platform is designed for a cloud-connected world – and now it’s faster, smarter and more resilient than ever. We’ve also added a management interface built on a social platform, so customers can stay on top of their data protection operations and collaborate in real-time with colleagues, peers and the EVault team.”

EVault 7 now offers geographically-distributed replicas in a private cloud, a service provider cloud, the EVault cloud – or in all three. Should an IT organization want an onsite cache of their data for fast, local recoveries, they can deploy EVault Express Recovery Appliance: Virtual Edition and get LAN-speed backup and recovery.

Because the virtual appliance fits within current environments, it lowers total cost of ownership by leveraging existing IT infrastructure and eliminating the need for additional capital expenses.

The new EVault Portal simplifies the day-to-day management of data protection operations – in a friendly and accessible interface. This unique management interface built on a social platform allows organizations to save time:
  • Easily configure backups, troubleshoot errors and view reports.
  • Communicate in real-time across the team regarding data protection operations.
  • Search EVault’s knowledge base for known issues and information about error codes.
  • Tap into EVault’s user group hosted on Jive’s social platform.


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