USB with AES 256-bit hardware encryption
Posted on 07 August 2012.
Enova Technology announced the Enigma module, a USB encryption solution designed to provide real-time full disk encryption for any USB mass storage class (MSC) drive.

Key features:

Automatic and Transparent Encryption: Data written to the USB drive through the Enigma module is automatically and transparently encrypted, whereas data read out from the drive is automatically decrypted, requiring no additional hardware or software. All data is protected on your drive using the Enigma module.

Trusted Security Standards: NIST/CSE certified hardware AES ECB/CBC engines up to 256-bit strength.

Encryption of off the shelf USB drives: Encrypts any number of USB disk drives, solid state drives, thumb drives, Blu-ray, DVD+/- RW, CD-R drives and card reader media, including SD and MMC.

Multi Platform Compatibility: Compatible with any Windows, Mac, Linux or Android platform.

Protection from malware: Creates a "read only" function on the USB drive that protects users from malware.

USB compliance: Compliant with any USB 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.0 MSC protocols.

Built in initializer: Initialization software is stored on the device for easy and immediate deployment.

Robert Wann, CEO, Enova Technology, said: "Often, the implementation of data encryption solutions is a retroactive endeavor after a major data breach. To aid organizations in proactively securing their data at rest, we've taken our expertise in data encryption and packaged it into an easy to use USB solution. The Enigma module will add a much needed layer of security to sensitive consumer and enterprise data."


Android Fake ID bug allows malware to impersonate trusted apps

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