Safe C++: How to avoid common mistakes
Posted on 26 July 2012.
Itís easy to make lots of programming mistakes in C++. In fact, any program over a few hundred lines is likely to contain bugs. With this book, youíll learn about many common coding errors that C++ programmers produce, along with rules and strategies you can use to avoid them.

Author Vladimir Kushnir shows you how to use his Safe C++ library, based in part on programming practices developed by the C++ community.

Youíll not only find recipes for identifying errors during your programís compilation, runtime, and testing phases, youíll learn a comprehensive approach for making your C++ code safe and bug-free.
  • Get recipes for handling ten different error types, including memory leaks and uninitialized variables
  • Discover problems C++ inherited from C, like pointer arithmetic
  • Insert temporary and permanent sanity checks to catch errors at runtime
  • Apply bug prevention techniques, such as using separate classes for each data type
  • Pursue a testing strategy to hunt and fix one bug at a timeóbefore your code goes into production.


The big picture of protecting and securing Big Data

Today almost every company is dealing with big data in one way or another Ė including customer data, tracking data, and behavioral marketing information Ė connecting every aspect of our lives. While this is a cutting edge use of technology, data monitoring can become dangerous when placed in the wrong hands.

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