Facebook Timeline Remover is still alive
Posted on 29 May 2012.
You may have seen reports of a Facebook themed “remove my timeline” scam, where users are asked to install a browser extension to roll Facebook back to the way it used to look. It’s still live and pinging around the Facebook network.

At time of testing, we’re not seeing browser extensions but the content of the splash page has changed things up a little bit.

1. The message claiming “the only truly working solution approved by the Facebook community” has now been removed.

2. What appears to be a 19 second videoclip has now been replaced by an image of basketball star Jeremy Lin.

3. There’s now a warning at the bottom of the page, stating “Please be aware of using or installing any ‘similar software’, as those might just harm your computer!” I think we can all see what they did there.

Hitting the “Remove my Timeline” button will take you through the following steps, which gives the application your basic info, email address and also asks if you’d like to invite your friends to use the application too:

After that, we have a collection of surveys to fill out instead of the previously mentioned browser extensions.

Author: Christopher Boyd, Senior Threat Researcher at GFI Software.


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