Web and content filtering appliances by Bloxx
Posted on 27 April 2012.
Bloxx announced the release of the Bloxx Secure Web Gateway (SWG), an appliance that combines the company’s dynamic real-time content analysis and classification engine, Tru-View Technology, with Sophos’s Anti-Malware and the Bloxx SSL proxy, providing customers with content filtering and protection against Web-based security threats for HTTP and HTTPS web traffic.

The applicance will be be available in a range of different configurations, from the 100S which supports up to 100 network devices, up to the Impresa-7S which supports up to 10,000 network devices.

Bloxx has also announced a new version of its Web Filter, based on a new core Web filtering platform that has been engineered and optimized to provide a high performance and scalability.

The enhancements include:
  • New core Web filtering platform that delivers a 3X performance improvement compared to previous versions.
  • New Web reporting engine that provides a 5X performance improvement in creating Web reports.
  • Improved scalability for larger deployments — new clustering capability which is scalable up to dozens of nodes.
  • Continue on block and Quotas that provides more flexibility for access policies.
  • YouTube Safe search and YouTube for schools integration support.
  • Radius Server authentication.
  • SSL Proxy for intercepting and filtering SSL traffic to provide enhanced filtering and protection against HTTPS content and malware.
As the Secure Web Gateway, the Web filtering appliance is available in a range of different configurations, from the 100W which supports up to 100 network devices, to the Impresa-7W which supports up to 10,000 network devices.

Finally, the company has also announced the Bloxx Web Browser for iPads, which lets organizations quickly and easily extend the capability of their Bloxx Web Filter or Secure Web Gateway to enforce Web access policies for iPads used off-network.

The Bloxx Browser will filter Web traffic over a Wi-Fi connection when the device is connected to an organization’s network and if the iPad is used off-network, for example at home or connected to a public Wi-Fi network. In addition, if the iPad has 3G connectivity, then access policies will still be enforced with the browser installed.

The Bloxx Web Browser for iPads supports iOS Versions 5.0 and above, and to provide filtering it must be used in conjunction with a Bloxx Web Filter or Secure Web Gateway.


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