Secure collaboration for iPad and iPhone
Posted on 23 January 2012.
WatchDox, a provider of secure document access and collaboration solutions, today announced that its users can now securely view and make annotations to documents directly on their iOS devices, while maintaining the ability to control, protect and, if necessary, remotely destroy the documents at any time.

With WatchDox, enterprise users can collaborate on the go without putting sensitive documents at risk for unauthorized distribution, leakage or theft.

As tablets and smartphones become pervasive, many enterprises are adopting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives or deploying enterprise-managed tablets. However, maintaining the security of highly sensitive documents is a challenge on these devices, as they offer little document security and are frequently lost or stolen.

The rapidly growing number of online file sharing and annotation tools do not offer protection to documents stored on mobile devices and allow documents to be easily printed, copied or forwarded. Additionally, these tools offer no safeguards for revoking access to documents stored on lost or stolen devices.

With the WatchDox solution, enterprise administrators can control documents and their annotations at all times, preventing costly data leaks. WatchDox iPad and iPhone users can safely:
  • Highlight passages
  • Add notes and comments
  • Search for keywords
  • Save annotations locally
  • Share annotated documents with other authorized users
  • Mandate additional passcodes.


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