Suspected LulzSec and Anonymous arrested and charged
Posted on 23 September 2011.
Three more alleged LulzSec and Anonymous members have been arrested by the FBI and/or indicted for their misdeeds, reports CNet.

23-year-old Cody Andrew Kretsinger (aka "recursion"), of Phoenix, Arizona, stands accused of having participated in the Sony hack as a member of LulzSec.

He allegedly used proxy services from in an (unsuccessful) bid to hide his online activities, then with other coconspirators probed into Sony's computer systems looking for vulnerabilities.

Once they found them, they mounted an SQL injection attack and obtained confidential information from the systems, which they later distributed to other members of LulzSec. The information was ultimately made public on the group's website.

According to the indictment, Kretsinger has wiped clean the hard drive of his computer which was used for the attacks in order to erase evidence of it.

If convicted of these charges (conspiracy and unauthorized impairment of a protected computer), he might be convicted to a prison sentence of 15 years.

47-year-old Christopher Doyon (aka "Commander X"), of Mountain View, California, has been arrested in San Francisco and has allegedly - along with 26-year-old Joshua John Covelli (aka "Absolem" or "Toxic"), of Fairborn, Ohio - participated in the December DDoS attack against the servers of the Santa Cruz County, which resulted in the shutdown of its site.

The attack was apparently executed in retaliation for the arrests and charging of people involved in protests against the law restricting camping within city limits, previously enacted by the city. The attack was said to have been orchestrated by the People's Liberation Front (PLF), an offshoot of Anonymous.

Covelli has previously also been indicted for participating in the DDoS attack against PayPal.


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