iPhone 5 "test and keep" spam campaign
Posted on 08 September 2011.
As the predictions about the release of iPhone 5 seem all to point to the beginning of October, cyber scammers have decided to add to the frenzy by offering the coveted device in exchange for "testing" it.

With "You have been selected to receive and iPhone 5" in the subject line, the email contains the image of an iPhone veiled by a blue piece of cloth and invites the users to "Test & keep an iPhone 5!"

Clicking on the link takes the user to a page where he is required to answer a few questions related to iPhone use in order to qualify for the offer:

Having done that, he must now enter his name, address, email address and home and cell phone number. Then, another round of questions - a "bonus survey" that must be completed in order to participate in the offer.

Needless to say, the prize is just a bait to get users' personal information, earn some money from the completed surveys and make them agree to receive further offers or sign them up for premium rate services.

And as the date of the release comes nearer, we're sure to see many scams resembling this one.


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