Use the iPad to manage your home security system
Posted on 16 August 2011.
Available from the App Store, The LifeView app for iPad allows users to easily manage their home security system from their iPad.

Users control their system via the Console Tab that's color-coded and shows the status of every sensor and device for the entire system – whether a screen is up or a door is open – and users can view the 20 most recent events instantly.

If a user has cameras installed, the LifeView app will also take snapshots when the app is launched so the user can instantly view current images from every camera installed throughout the home.

LifeShield customers can fully configure their security systems instantly from anywhere in the world. Its sophisticated user interface allows customers to:
  • Log in to access every LifeShield system setting
  • Use the Console Tab to view the most recent 20 events as well as current snapshots from each installed camera around the home
  • Click on the Camera Tab to gain access to all pictures and videos, as well as the ability to view live video
  • View the History Tab to scan the last 90 days of history
  • Arm the system with one touch and quickly disarm the system via user code
  • Create new event notifications and camera triggers
  • Add or remove users.
LifeShield's home security system offers encrypted wireless technology that allows for easy set-up, a significantly lower cost of ownership and free, customizable monitoring options.


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