PSN attackers allegedly used Amazon cloud for attack
Posted on 16 May 2011.
Attackers (mis)used the Amazon cloud to mount their attack against Sony's online services and systems, and they did it legally, says Bloomberg.

According to an unnamed source, the attackers used fake information to rent a server from which they launched the attack. Amazon declined to comment the allegation, but according to the source, the account in question has been shut down.

The claim doesn't sound far fetched, since the most sophisticated hackers have quite a history of hijacking and/or renting servers for a carefully planned attack. The FBI has not commented on whether it has served Amazon with a search order, but said that the Bureau is following up on every lead, which makes it likely that it has - or is planning to do it very soon.

A subpoena or a search warrant would allow the FBI to find out who had access to the specific Internet address at that time and which credit card was used to pay for the account, commented E.J. Hilbert, an ex FBI cyber-crime investigator.

On a happier note, Sony has finally announced the (partial) restoration of the PlayStation Network (PSN), Qriocity, and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) service on the PlayStation blog. A complete restoration of services is predicted for the end of May.


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