Ubuntu Privacy Remix 10.04r1 released
Posted on 25 October 2010.
Ubuntu Privacy Remix is a modified Live-CD based on Ubuntu Linux. UPR is not intended for permanent installation on hard disk. The goal of Ubuntu Privacy Remix is to provide an isolated, working environment where private data can be dealt with safely. The system installed on the computer running UPR remains untouched.

The risk of theft of such private data arises not only from "conventional" criminals, trojans. rootkits, keyloggers etc. In many countries, measures are taken or being prepared aiming at spying and monitoring its citizens. Ubuntu Privacy Remix is a tool to protect your data against unsolicited access.

Changes in the latest version:
  • Ubuntu Privacy Remix 10.04 is based on Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx" and supports more and newer hardware
  • TrueCrypt has been updated to version 6.3a
  • A custom frontend to GnuPG has been created to replace seahorse
  • The scripts for extended TrueCrypt volumes have been improved
  • The backup feature during close now can backup other open containers as well
  • Printer configuration is now saved
  • New applications include VYM Mindmapper and GIMP
  • Creation and use of LUKS-encrypted volumes is now simple.


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