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Cloud-base security with embedded wireless access
Cybera announced the Cybera ONE Platform now delivers its full suite of cloud-based security services, as well as remote backup and recovery, over high-speed wireless 3G and 4G connections.

RSA Conference 2012 award winners
Award applicants were judged in the fields of mathematics, public policy and security practices. Also presented this year was a lifetime achievement award given out to an individual who has made a big impact in information security over the last 21 years.

Surveying policies, controls and compliance
The QualysGuard Customizable Questionnaire service enables customers to easily build questionnaires, as well as leverage existing business process workflows to evaluate controls, gather documents and evidence and validate compliance.

Software app kits for accelerating security apps
Netronome announced a major upgrade to its Network Flow Management (NFM) software framework including new application kits for next-generation firewalls (NGFW), IPsec, intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and SSL inspection.

Most executives don't pay attention to cyber risks
One of the most important advance findings from the latest 2012 Carnegie Mellon CyLab Governance survey is that boards and senior management still are not engaging in key oversight activities.

Cloud-based targeted attack prevention
M86 Security announced the deployment of its core malware and threat research capabilities for Web and email into the cloud, beginning with the launch of the company's new cloud-based Targeted Attacks Service in the M86 MailMarshal Secure Email Gateway.

Full-disk encryption with wireless pre-boot authentication
WinMagic launched SecureDoc Version 5.3, which adds wireless capabilities to its PBConnex pre-boot network authentication.

Malware extraction and analysis by Solera
Solera Networks announced the latest enhancement to its DeepSee platform - the Real-Time File Extractor, which enables immediate, automatic identification and alerting of advanced and zero-day threats.
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