News from the conference

Federated identity solution based on virtualization
Radiant Logic announced the release of RadiantOne 6.0, a complete on-premises federated identity service based on identity virtualization. The suite is designed to address the growing security demands of authenticating and authorizing a diverse user base.

Virtual scanners for consultants and the cloud
Qualys announced virtual scanner appliances that have already been formally qualified to run on many of the most common virtualization and cloud platforms including VMware and Amazon EC2.

Video: Trustworthy Internet Movement Initiative
During his keynote at RSA Conference 2012, Philippe Courtot, Chairman and CEO at Qualys, announced a new cross-industry, non-profit being launched, called the Trustworthy Internet Movement.

Mobile one-time password app
The one-time password app provides secure access to corporate VPNs, Box, Google Apps, Salesforce, and other cloud apps with a second authentication factor beyond user name and password. It's available on all major smartphone platforms.

Turning mobile devices into enterprise credentials
Taking advantage of near-field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth standards, Entrust embeds biometrics and digital certificates on smartphones to create trusted identity credentials for stronger and convenient enterprise authentication.

Non-profit org aims to solve Internetís security issues
The Trustworthy Internet Movement is a vendor-neutral organization with a mission to resolve major lingering security issues on the Internet and to ensure that security is built into the very fabric of private and public clouds.

Employees are deliberately disabling security controls
Corporate mobile devices and the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon are rapidly circumventing enterprise security and policies, say the results of a new global study.

EMC unveils five new security advisory services
To help organizations re-establish deeper visibility into, and tighter control over, their digital assets, EMC is announcing five new Security and Risk Management Advisory Services.
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