• CSA Guide to Cloud Computing

    | by Zeljka Zorz - Wednesday, 10 December 2014.

    The title says it all: this is a book that will tell you what cloud computing is, how best to take advantage of it, and what things you should be careful about when you do it.

  • Secure file storage and sharing with nCrypted Cloud

    | by Berislav Kucan - Thursday, 20 November 2014.

    The Ponemon Institute recently published a report stressing the fact that organisational leadership is failing to respond to the escalating risk of ungoverned file sharing practices among their employees. nCrypted Cloud is an interesting offering that tackles this and other threats by adding a strong security layer to the data used and shared via popular cloud-based data storage providers.

  • ESET Smart Security 8

    | by Berislav Kucan - Thursday, 13 November 2014.

    Well-known IT security company ESET recently announced major updates to its flagship products - NOD 32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security. The most typical modern antivirus solutions nowadays provide much more than just anti malware functionality, but integrated solutions, such as their Smart Security offering, provide a much better level of security against ever-evolving threats.

  • Hacking and Penetration Testing with Low Power Devices

    | by Zeljka Zorz - Tuesday, 4 November 2014.

    This book is primarily intended for penetration testers who want to widen their skill set to include the knowledge of how to perform testing with small, low-powered devices that can be easily hidden in offices and boardrooms.

  • Building an Information Security Awareness Program

    | by Zeljka Zorz - Thursday, 16 October 2014.

    Are information security awareness programs a good thing or a complete waste of time? The debate around this question has been going on for a while and both sides have had some good arguments (and some bad, too). The authors of this book believe the former, and with this tome aim to show you how to build a security awareness program from the ground up.


Whitepaper: 10 things your next firewall must do

For enterprises looking at Next-Generation Firewalls, the most important consideration is: will this new technology empower your security teams to securely enable applications to the benefit of the organization? It's not about blocking applications, but safely enabling them.

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