• NowSecure Lab cloud: Mobile app assessment environment

    | by Berislav Kucan - Thursday, 16 July 2015.

    NowSecure Lab is mobile app security assessment environment that comes in two versions - as a standalone, on-premise solution, and a “lighter” cloud offering. The on-premise solution runs as a VM instance of Santoku Linux and requires an Apple Macbook Pro. This workstation version of NowSecure Lab includes both static and dynamic analysis, as well as the ability to customize the testing environment for specific applications that need to be assessed.

  • Penetration Testing With Raspberry Pi

    | by Berislav Kucan - Wednesday, 24 June 2015.

    Raspberry Pi is a small and portable single board computer that can be transformed into a penetration testing system. This book will show you how.

  • Scany: Network scanner for iOS

    | by Berislav Kucan - Monday, 1 June 2015.

    With Scany you can perform a wide range of sweeps: from scanning a simple local/remote host to scanning an IP range. With every scan you can go into details by selecting or even modifying one of the available preset scanning profiles.

  • Tresorit for Business

    | by Berislav Kucan - Thursday, 2 April 2015.

    In the cloud computing era, companies need to be proactive on secure collaboration and file sharing. Tresorit for Business is a solution that, among other things, helps organizations with managing, protecting and preventing leaks of their corporate data. The service provides end-to-end encryption for data in motion, along with all the enterprise functions related to managing user behavior and enforcing the policies for sharing the data in the most secure way possible.

  • Build A Security Culture

    | by Zeljka Zorz - Thursday, 26 March 2015.

    Kai Roer is one of the creators of the Security Culture Toolkit, a well-regarded framework that offers a structured approach to building and maintaining good security culture within your organization. In this book he leads the reader, slowly and methodically, towards achieving that goal.


More than a third of employees would sell company data

35 percent of employees would sell information on company patents, financial records and customer credit card details if the price was right. This illustrates the growing importance for organizations to deploy data loss prevention strategies.

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