IPv6 Security
by HNS Staff - Tuesday, 3 February 2009.
Authors: Scott Hogg, Eric Vyncke
Pages: 576
Publisher: Cisco Press
ISBN: 1587055945


With the online world rapidly expanding, we are moving towards the IPv6 protocol. With this migration it becomes essential for networking professionals to gain insight into the security challenges involved. Who better than Cisco Press to present a title like "IPv6 Security"? Read on to discover what it offers.

About the authors

Scott Hogg has designed, implemented, and troubleshot networks for many large enterprises, service providers, and government organizations. For the past eight years, Scott has been researching IPv6 technologies.

Eric Vynckeis a Distinguished System Engineer for Cisco working as a technical consultant for security covering Europe. His main area of expertise for 20 years has been security from Layer 2 to applications. He has helped several organizations deploy IPv6 securely.

Inside the book

Every security professional knows the importance of being prepared so I'm not surprised to see that this book offers advice on migration techniques. One thing is certain, you should beoutline a security strategy according to the level of risk acceptable in your particular case.

The authors tackle a variety of IPv6 security vulnerabilities and illustrate the current state of tools and techniques used to compromise the security of the protocol. What's immensely helpful both in this and other areas of the book is the amount of practical information the writers offer, always complementing the deeply technical details with advice on what to focus on.

When it comes to hardware, the book provides instructions on how to work on IPv6 security with Cisco gear. Throughout the text you encounter a myriad of configuration examples and this is one of those times many will wonder why there's no CD with the book. With all the technical details it would certainly help to have such detailed technical info ready to be used instead of copied from the book.

There's really too much information to list in this review but it's enough to say that the authors cover a ton of material, including the security of mobile IPv6 networks, the monitoring of IPv6 security, the hardening of IPv6 network devices against attack, and a lot more.

Final thoughts

This is deeply technical material aimed at a select audience of networking professionals that need to tackle complex issues. If you're looking for details on IPv6 with a focus on security, this is definitely the title you need to explore.


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