Tracking down a worm's source

Monday, 2 February 2004, 10:30 AM EST

The MyDoom worm has had me in a defensive crouch all week long. Not because I'm worried about it infecting any computers I use (my Mac is not vulnerable to it, my Windows computers run non-Microsoft mail clients, and I don't open unexpected attachments anyway). Nor am I that worried about all the copies of the worm that have "borrowed" my work e-mail address from their victims' address books and browser caches (it's an unavoidable fact of having a published e-mail address).

No, what I'm concerned about is whether my private, home address will get "outed" by MyDoom as it was by SoBig. This is the one I have under a domain name I've registered, which I don't give out to companies and only use in correspondence with friends and family. Having gone to the trouble of registering a personal domain, I don't plan on giving it up, which means I don't want to see this address wind up on any spammers' mailing lists.

By Rob Pegoraro at TechNews.

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