Researcher for whom exploit code means freedom of speech

Wednesday, 14 January 2004, 12:03 PM EST

Georgi Guninski is a man who is respected on vulnerability mailing lists. The Bulgarian security expert - and this is one instance when the word can be safely used - has spread himself wide when it comes to security but all of his vulnerability posts merit attention.

From kernel bugs to browser holes, Guninski has found them all. His advisories are terse and to the point but cause a predictable degree of consternation when they are put out. His own favourite discovery is a race condition in the OpenBSD kernel.

While many formerly independent researchers are slowly going over to the corporates, and in the process losing their ability to freely reveal details about flaws in proprietary software, Guninski has kept the faith. Indeed, his advice to other researchers is precisely that: "Keep the faith."

He is passionate about full disclosure and the posting of exploit code; he feels this is often the only way to get software vendors to patch buggy programs.

By Sam Varghese at

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